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Data and statistics

Thanks to the continuous adoption of plant and management measures aimed at controlling and reducing the levels of aircraft-generated noise in the vicinity of the airport, between 2001/02 and 2016/17 we achieved an abatement of the acoustic fingerprint by 10% and a reduction of the exposed population by 42%.

As for the noise abatement procedures for take-offs in the direction of Naples, we achieved excellent compliance levels (by 99.7% in 2017), which reflect the commitment taken by all the stakeholders over the years.

In this section you will find the figures and statistics representing the levels of aircraft noise generated during flight operations.

Use of the runway

The balanced use of the runway is one of the main factors determining aircraft-generated noise, which affects the vicinity of the airport.


Percentage of takeoffs from RWY06


Phonometric analyses on the detectors (LVA)

For each quarter, October – January, February – May and June – September, and on a yearly basis, we calculate the level of noise per each detector, as per the current Italian regulation.

Please find here the noise levels given by the detectors and expressed according to the LVA index for the year 2017.

LVA by detectors 2017

Noise contours

Noise contours are elaborated every year, based on the weeks with the highest traffic; they correspond to LVA values of 60 dBA, 65 dBA and 75 dBA.

Thanks to the efforts made and despite traffic increase by about 20%, between 2002 and 2017 we achieved a reduction both in terms of surface and exposed population.

Acoustic fingerprint 2015/2016

Thanks to the control and monitoring activities implemented as well as to an improvement in aircraft technologies, between 2002 and 2016 we observed a reduction of the acoustic fingerprint extension by about 26% for noise levels (LVA) above 60 dBA.

Noise contours extension

Exposed population

Compliance with the noise abatement procedure

We systematically check airlines compliance with the noise abatement procedure for take-offs in the direction of the City of Naples.

Noise abatement procedure